Quality under control

The company structure has, as a whole, the ability to perform all the technical, planning, administrative and bureaucratic activities necessary for the realization of a work, from the conception phase up to that of the installation in its own sites and with its own specialised personnel. The varied skills developed by the company, therefore, allow it to manage all the […]

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Customized buildings

The aim is to obtain a product that is technologically always responsive to the most innovative techniques, adapted to the needs of any type of user, ranging from small craftsman to large industry. Turin construction company All this is made possible through a careful planning of the whole design, construction and procedural process, which takes place, using […]

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Planning of interventions

Our company deals mainly with new buildings, but also in the field of restructuring we are established because we employ specialized workers who have been working with us for a long time. NEW GM BUILDINGS The choices of the places and the land are made in an accurate way in order to obtain the maximum constructive result, Certification according to law […]

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Among the services we offer, one of the most interesting for those who buy a new home, we give a free consultation on the interior layout of the spaces and furnishings, taking into account the tastes of our customers, by architects specialized in design. architects available for furniture and design. 360 advice on all aspects concerning your […]

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Do you want to renovate or renovate your home, your apartment? Whatever your need, let us advise you. We can follow you starting from the Project, in fact to make a renovation, not only need to choose materials, furniture and colors, we need to start from a good project.                      Deciding to do everything yourself can certainly save money, but if you are not familiar with time, workmanship, labor management together with the choice of materials can become difficult or uneconomical. Once the project has been refined and the materials selected, it is possible to proceed with the estimate phase avoid surprises or additional costs. Contact us for advice or any considerations that can make us understand how best to lead you to the house you want! Set an appointment without commitments!

You do not need imagination. The Design phase passes through the possibility of seeing how we have developed environments, thanks to 3D views.

The construction phase. We need coordination, set times and coordination between the workers.


Our personal expert is able to design and build civil constructions of buildings of all kinds, from small to large projects: apartments, villas, residential complexes, shops, shopping centers and much more.

Our construction company Negro Danillo Costruzioni, based in the province of Vicenza and operating mainly in Verona and Padua, puts at your disposal an experience of 40 years in the construction sector, creating buildings that are characterized by elegance, reception, security, technological innovation and energy saving.

In recent years, in fact, the attention towards ecological problems and so-called “green” solutions with low environmental impact has increased considerably starting from the construction sector: the best way to respect the environment is to reduce the consumption and therefore the waste of energy resources.          All our new buildings both for civil and industrial use are characterized, in fact, by a high energy independence, obtained through thermal insulation and the use of alternative sources for energy production.

Buying a house from the builder.

Buying a house or an apartment directly from the manufacturer is becoming a more and more established practice of buying and selling, as it allows you to follow the entire construction process from the foundation, as well as a significant saving due to the direct relationship with the manufacturer.

All the civil constructions of our construction company are made in full compliance with all the regulations in force in the building sector and have as a special feature the fact of being “tailor-made” houses according to what are the requests of the customers, allowing each to choose the real estate solution that best suits your needs.