About Us


DELTA GROUP SRLS UNIPERSONALE is a construction company that operates between Bergamo and Milan and qualifies as one of the most listed construction companies in the area.

The quality of the buildings, the working techniques and the great entrepreneurial professionalism have allowed DELTA GROUP SRLS UNIPERSONALE to grow steadily over time. All the projects carried out so far between Bergamo and Milan have been highly appreciated both for the aesthetic characteristics and for the quality of each application. DELTA GROUP SRLS UNIPERSONALE operates with the intention of creating increasingly high quality projects, thanks to the introduction of energy saving technologies, the new frontier for creating buildings that fit perfectly into the urban environment.

The construction works carried out with care and professionalism over the years have made the construction company Bertolazzi one of the most reliable and renowned in the area where they operate. Many local companies have already turned and continue to turn to DELTA GROUP SRLS UNIPERSONALE, certain to rely on a historical company, qualified, serious and experienced, who has developed a way of productive work that fully meets the expectations of each of its customer.